Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Celebration of "Lily"

The Celebration of "Lily"

Happy 2009!


I am wanting to share with you

my beginning of the year 2009 ...

the birth of my new Granddaughter "Lily"!

She is the first new year's baby for Moore County, NC

so she will be making the local newspaper ...

the reporter has already been in and taken her and

the proud new parents picture...

She was born:

Jan. 1, 2009 12:27 am

6.4 pounds
19 inches

The clock actually said 12:15, but they had to go by

what the computer monitor said which was 12:27

Mother and baby are doing fine

In Celebration of the arrival of my New Granddaughter
Jan. 1, 2009 - 12:27 AM
New Year's Baby !

I am offering a "Lily Celebration" special if you are

anyone else might be interested ...

you can reach the page link on my front page

I am so excited about this new child and wish to share the

energy with everyone ... I can not think of a better way to

start a new year than with a new birth ...

a new spirit... a new soul coming in!

She is already bringing incredible energy

throughout my family in the bringing together

of excitement and love !

I wish for you and yours an incredible year

with all of your dreams and wishes coming true...

and many, many blessings!

I am grateful to have you in my life ...

Much Love,


©sharae taylor

Monday, April 14, 2008

Mother's Are "Earth Angels"

God’s Gift to You... ’Mom’ ... Remember Her on May 11

by Sharae Taylor

Have you ever thought what you would have done without your Mother? Then why is it Mom’s are usually the low woman on the totem pole? God thought enough of us to give us an earthly Guardian Angel and so many times, more than we could truthfully count this is the person we lash out at the most with the excuse it’s OK it’s only Mom. Thinking of the old cliché "we always hurt the one we the love the most" truly believing that all is forgiven... Mom’s tough she can handle it... Mom knows deep down that I really don’t mean it... well, Mom’s don’t know that.

I am following my guidance in the writing of this article because Mom’s need to be exalted...not trodden upon. Remember what I stated previously... God loves us enough that we are personally given an earthly Guardian Angel. Think about this for a moment... allow the monumental impact of that statement to sink in and all that encompasses. The one person that will always love you no matter what.

As we get older we don’t think we need Mom quite as much as we did before and sometimes we think we don’t need her input at all... What does she know? She’s behind the times. If the truth be known and we really take the time to look at it... Mom still knows pretty much more than we do. She is the crone that has gone before us ... experienced pretty much what we are going through now ourselves. Grant you times have changed and many Mom’s have not faced the extreme challenges that so many of the younger generation is facing now ... like drugs, the extreme peer pressure of joining a gang ...male or female, but all the same the challenges were pretty much the same when she was growing up only in another format ...drinking, smoking, sex, guarding your reputation and with a lot more condemnation than is going on in 2008.

What I am trying to get across here is... Mom has lots of knowledge and lots experience for you to tap into and to honor.

Mother’s day is coming up May 11th. and what will you do for your Mother ? Will you remember to pick up the telephone to make the long distance telephone call to Mom who is now 3,000 miles away or lives just around the block that you haven’t seen or talked to in several weeks? Will you remember to order, purchase or make a special gift for her ? To send her a Mother’s Day card that isn’t an e-mail ? ... to just let her know how special she is to you ... loved, honored and respected ...

Remember ...

God loves us enough that we are personally given an earthly Guardian Angel...


One of God’s greatest gifts to us.

© 2008 Sharae Taylor

Sharae Taylor is a well known Intuitive Angel Artist whose paintings are in world wide collections and her works have been exhibited with other well known Angel Artists Andy Lakey ,Donna Terody Sheratan,Gary Markowitz, past art editor of "Angel Times" magazine and K. Martin Kuri, Angel Artist and Author. Sharae has also participated in many Angel Expos and Angel Conferences with other well known Angel Authors like Alma Daniels author of "Ask Your Angels" and John Ronner author of "Do You Have a Guardian Angel". Her Angel paintings are featured in the newly released "Angels" DVD by Llewellyn and New World Music and was featured in the February 2005 issue of

To view Sharae’s Angelic art and for further information visit her website

Permission given for reprint as long as credit and links fully intact

Friday, April 11, 2008

Angel Update for Angels by Sharae


Just a quick note to update you on a few new things on Angels by Sharae ...

1. My "Monthly Special" as you are aware I have offered for a very long time as my way of giving back to let everyone take advantage and have their own personalized Angel Painting. Now to offer more variety and savings I have now changed it to my "Weekly Special" each week a new size and category will be offered ... every 7 days there will be something new. There are really two specials a week ... I am offering a 6 x 8 Canvas Angel painting for those of you that want something smaller or as a gift ... that will be listed as Special 2 ... don't let the monthly special in the url below fool you ... it was easier to update the page instead of creating a whole new web page ... time is valuable ! LOL!

2. The "Archangel Michael Attunement" is Now Available! Susan and I are very excited about this attunement as we know many have been waiting for it.

3. The Angel Prints are still being offered Buy 2 get 2 FREE of the same size ... No Expiration Date on this right now ... This has been such a success for people wanting Angels to give as a gift so I thought...Why not just keep it this way ... Especially with Mother's Day coming up on May 11th and there have been several new Angel print choices added that you may not be aware of.

4. The Free Angel Reading cards are still available and many use them daily ... I do this myself as they are truly uncanny!

Of course, I am still available for your one on one questions

5. One last thing ... I am updating my current mailing list to 2008 ... and deleting the old one as so many of the email addresses are out dated ... if you would like to be added you can sign up on the Ask the Angels page ... you will receive a confirmation email that you must click on to be added ... this is just a way to make sure you do want to be added ... also check your junk or spam mail as I know several have emailed me wondering what happened and this is where they found their confirmation email ... I also am keeping an eye on the pending file as some are not receiving the confirmation email because of their provider sending it back as undeliverable ...please put in your email OK to receive emails from

I want to wish you a most Joyous Spring, may the Angels surround you with their love and may you continue to listen for their guidance ... and many, many blessings,

Much love,

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Archangel Michael Attunement

Archangel Attunement ~ The Definition

Attunement ~ To bring into a harmonious or responsive relationship. Also referred to as at-one-ment, the term relates primarily to the idea that complete oneness with God can be experienced by human beings... (New Age Dictionary on Attunement)

Archangel Attunements are divine energy transmissions from the Archangels to you. An attunement is given through the grace and unconditional love from the Archangel to you, and is made possible by your direct divine desire to receive the Angelic Alignment within your heart, mind, body, and soul ...

Archangel Michael also known as "Lord Michael", and "the great Prince," is considered by many to be the greatest of all angels. The name "Michael" means, "Who is as God." Michael’s radiant love for god and humanity burns brightly across the heavens, as he and his legions of angels work miracles throughout the universe.

It is said that Michael was present at the creation of the universe and has vowed to remain in his position as overseer to the evolution of humanity. Michael has played an important role throughout many of our religious scriptures, and is one of the few Archangels that are mentioned in the Bible. Archangel Michael is revered within the Christian, Islamic, and Jewish traditions.

Michael known as the Archangel of courage and protection is often depicted as wearing armor, carrying a shield and wielding a protective sword. Michael’s sword is a sacred symbol for the blue flame of truth and justice that Michael so generously administers to all those who call for his aide and protection. The spiritual intensity of Michael’s blue flame has the ability to cut through earthly illusions of fear, self-doubt, and hopelessness, while brightly shinning the light of inner truth and divinity that resides at the center of our being.

Archangel Michael governs the first ray, the ray of the will to do. Some of the qualities that Archangel Michael radiates are those of courage, strength, integrity, faith, love, and protection.

Archangel Michael reaches out to us to awaken to our own divinity. He reveals that God is and has always been here with us, within us…. The essence of the very truth of who we are. The very heart of who we are. Michael reveals that any feeling or sense of separation from god is an illusion. This illusion is created by the structure and consciousness of the 3rd dimension. And we as seekers of ever expanding consciousness choose to explore depth and the dynamics of the material and denser planes of existence. We did this in order to create

Michael reveals to us in our time of transformation and longing to return to the heart of God,…..Just as the wave is never separated from the ocean… You have never been separated from the divine presence. It is time for you to embrace the divinity and magnificent of who you are.

Archangel Michael is calling out to all light bearers and light workers of the world to shine your blue flames of courage and divine truth for all to see. With joy and love open your hearts to love right here, right now….Today…. Set your heart on fire with passion and love and light the way for those who cannot see. Believe and know in your heart that you are the light and the way…. The journey to heaven is here. Heaven is all around you now…. Open your eyes, and your heart and let it in. Let Grace and Gratitude light the way

Archangel Michael ... and the Blue Ray ...
Archangel Michael Attunement ~ To Order Print & Attunement or Painting ...

© 2008 Susan Hart & Sharae Taylor &

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Angel Paintings with a "Purpose"

Sharae's Angel Paintings have been given to her through the Divine whether for an individual or for the masses, each carrying it's own special message. It is Sharae's personal testimonial and spiritual journey of her knowingness and belief in the Angels and of an existence of a much higher power she calls God or Divine Source. It is Sharae's intent to expand people's awareness on a personal level of their own special relationship with God's messengers. The purpose of her work is to let people know there are other believers and knowers and there is indeed much more to this Universe than the physical eye can conceive. These paintings carry with them a healing vibration and message whether it be personal or for humanity. This is a continual expansion of awareness and more is always being added ... a spiritual journey ... not just for herself, but for all that come in contact with her Angel paintings ... Art Your Soul Responds To ...

Sharae states ... " My Angel paintings have a purpose. Each Angel painting I create is an individualized and personalized pure spiritual, powerful living energy for the awakening of the spirit and soul. They are of a very high vibration and each color is given to me by the Angel of whose image I am creating in the painting for a specific purpose in the existing and the further enlightenment of the individual. They are everchanging and at times you can see this in the backgrounds of the Angel paintings. When accoustomed to viewing my paintings you can see the face of the Angel somewhere in the background ... sometimes there is a pair of eyes, a partial face, will be there. There will be at times personal images that mean something to the person for whom the painting has been created for and tend to change for whatever reason this needs to happen and what message the Angel and the painting is conveying at the time. There is nothing mundane about my work. These Angel paintings are Unique and everchanging pure spiritual energy. They uplift, motivate, comfort, soothe and inspire. Divine energy is at work assisting alternative and spiritual healing in the form of fine art. Each painting holds it's own inspirational energy and you do not have to be a "Believer" for this to work. Each painting is personal, whether it be in one of my "Collection Series" or for a specific individual, relationship or group. Upon completetion of each painting, I know that it is indeed meant for someone whose heart and soul will instantly know and respond to the Angel before them in the painting. My Angel art is a gift, given to and through my talent by Divine Angels guidance instructed to them by a much Higher Source. The Angels oversee and instruct every detail of paint color and every brushstroke within each painting ... they truly know "Who" the painting is being created for and the message it portrays. Read all about how the Angel paintings are created. These paintings are truly a Living Source of Divine Energy. I have witnessed some pretty amazing things when people have gazed upon them and responded with their soul ! I Am Inspired and Awed with each and every Angel painting created through me. I am very excited about all the categories of Angel paintings I now have been given to offer and I hope you will take the time to visit my Galleries and see how my Angel paintings spark the Light within Your Soul. "

© Sharae Taylor - Angels by Sharae

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Unique Pet Portraits

Personalized Pet Guardian Angel paintings for our beloved companions and Furry Friends

The Pet Portraits are Unique as they have your Pet's Likeness with Their Guardian Angel in an Original Fine Art Painting by internationally known Angel Artist, Sharae Taylor.

Our beloved companions, our "Forever Friends are so much more than a pet ... they are our heart ... they are our children and family members and in my house they are exhalted. God has sent us the experience and the learning through our companions the meaning of "Unconditional Love", Joy, Laughter, Compassion and above all else the experience of pure love. They are so "Special" that God included a Guardian Angel to accompany them to
watch over them and to assist them in their life purpose and soul growth always ...

Welcome to Annie's Joy Guardian Angel Pet Portraits

© Sharae Taylor - Text & Images

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Angels and Pets - "Angel Annie's Story"

Read the Story of:
My "Angel Annie" and Pet Guardian Angels

She chose me and came bounding into my life and heart 10 years ago. Annie was an active hunt basset hound and her world consisted of being a member of a pack of 26 basset hounds bred for hunting, field trials and life in a kennel. She was very well taken care of by her owner. I was introduced to the owner by a good friend, Brent Atwater. She knew my love for animals and that I was looking for a place to live. She knew the owner was looking for someone to take care of the kennel and caretake on a daily basis (including living in a wonderful restored farmhouse). The situation was ideal for all concerned.

The first day I walked into the 26 basset hound kennel, my heart was lost to that breed. They absolutely speak to my heart more than any other breed of dog I have owned in my lifetime. Not to say the others were not truly loved beyond reason, there was just something different about these basset hounds. Their eyes project their soul piercing your soul each and every time they gaze into your eyes. I thought at the time … how in the world am I going to learn their different names ?! I found like being in a school class room eventually it all works out and you get to know each and everyone’s name, what they look like, their personalities … etc..

The first day as I was cleaning and washing down Annie’s kennel I felt this nose jab me in the back of the knee … once and then several more times. I turned around and looked down and there stood Annie … as if to say … Here I Am … take notice. This went on for several days. Within a week the owner made the comment that she didn’t think Annie wanted to hunt anymore. She was going to try a few things just to make sure, and if that was the case she was going to have to retire Annie and either find a home for her or take her to the vet and have her euthanized. To me that was totally unacceptable. I told her I wanted Annie. The rest is history.

I took her home and the first thing we did was have a bath in an old fashioned claw bath tub. It became a priority with her, as she decided she loved bubble baths and wanted them once a week! She would go immediately to the tub to let you know that is what she wanted. Next I gave her a "cloud nine" soft bed … the softest I could make it. She had spent her first four years on hard cement. Next I gave her the softest micro-fleece“Wubbie” blanket I could find. She adored her blanket and would wrap herself in it and snuggle herself so emerged in it that at times I only saw her nose. In fact, I would have to put her in another room or outside to be able to take it away to wash.

Annie's personality exploded into full bloom and she became the biggest love hound you could imagine. She made you laugh (which was quite often) by watching her explore the new things. She never got the hang of playing with toys. So her world became her blanket, bed, myself and Amos my cat.

Amos decided he was to take care of her and stand century over her even when she went outside and to give her baths and kisses. The three of us were always together. Annie brought such a presence of love and joy into our reality … we were the end all be all for her and we felt the same about her.

Our threesome went on for many years until 6 months ago when Annie’s body began to give out. My heart saddened as I realized her time was drawing near. I wondered … What will we do without her? The times she had to spend the night with the vet, Amos and I were traumatized without her being in the house. The day came when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I was devastated. Amos was devastated. The house felt so empty … like a 200 pound presence had left as Annie’s energy was so huge with the love she presented and was so tangible. I went into deep mourning. Amos went into deep mourning. I thought I was going to lose him as well because of his pining for Annie. The only peace I could find was to keep her “Wubbie” with me.

I became Linus on “Charlie Brown” carrying the blanket she loved with me. It was the only time I could feel her love and her presence. I retreated from the world. I couldn’t even talk about her much less look at a picture of her as those soulful eyes looking back at me was more than my breaking heart could stand (even with my belief system that she isn’t gone -she’s just in another form).

My grief went on for months. Friends and family tried to help, but there was no consoling as this was my “Angel Annie”. I failed to mention that on her back, there in white on a black background (she was a tri-colored basset) was an abstract Angel with wings spread and a BIG white heart … There was no denying this is what the shapes looked like and really were the symbol of the essence of “Angel Annie.” The pain would not go away. It was unbearable.

I had several friends suggest the idea of doing Guardian Angels for pets, but I would not hear of it. Too … Too painful and not even sure I could do it, and not even wanting to try. I was not ready to go there. Finally, I started getting bombarded with things about pets … in many forms, emails, images, pictures, friends kept suggesting the Guardian Angels for pets … and it just kept progressing to the point where I finally got adamant with the Angels and stated "you are going to have to do better than that for symbols if this is what I am supposed to do. This is just way too painful and I need to get past this pain." Another symbol would show up. I again, would state … "you have to do better than that" … another symbol would show up … I again, would state … "you have to do better than that" … another symbol would show up.

This was a first I questioned something given to me from the Angels as part of my path. Normally, I would just go with the flow. This was not the case! The Angels had enough of my denial and decided we will be "in her face" literally -until she gets this message. On Sunday, January 6, 2008 as I sat in my living room wanting to take a break and watch an old movie on TV ,a high vibrational pitch started in my ears … (which I am used to), but not at this crescendo. Shapes started taking form with glowing auras that I have seen before (as I have painted them), but NOT as a large group in my living room! Commercials started appearing every few minutes during the movie and each and every time it was the images of the Animal rescue shelters over and over again … you know the ones … the ones with the dogs with the soulful eyes that wrench the heart.

I finally said I Get It! I Give up! I Can’t take this anymore. I will go into the studio and put a canvas up and see what comes through for Annie as a Guardian Angel, but I really don’t want this to be painful and I do not want to cry. I am trying to move forward and get past this horrendous pain. So that is what I did.

I said my prayer and asked for the connection to be made as I always do. I was then given the colors to use and began the painting. I would have to stop and walk into the other room for awhile and would state …" I don’t feel Annie … Where is she?" This went on until the painting was finished, I still was not feeling Annie and went on to bed.

The next morning I awoke and the painting was fresh on my mind so I went to check it to see if I felt Annie … still nothing. I walked away and went into my bedroom. As I walked back into the studio I felt Annie’s spirit walk in beside me. Amos felt her presence too! He came running into the studio.

So what do we do next? Through the quiet stillness I heard “Now create apage to publish on your website offering Pet Guardian Angel paintings.” I proceeded to do just that with Annie’s spirit present and Amos sitting at my feet. When all was completed and ready to publish … I had a light bulb moment. I knew without a doubt that this is something Annie and I were to do together … her work was not finished on this earth.

Annie is going to work through my, now "our" website continuing to project her strong essence of love to all that can be helped, soothed or just to celebrate their own relationship and love of their beloved living animal companion.

At that point I felt a great peacefulness settle over me and my heart for the first time since Annie had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I knew she was still with me and we had important work to do. I was able to look at the web page that has her image and feel her love, warmth and the great healing begin within me. The horrible pain had lifted.

I then said a prayer to encompass "our intent" and hit the publish button. I felt a gush of energy project out and in my mind’s eye I saw Annie’s spirit soar out and wrap earth in the essence of love. I knew she would be bringing those that needed or knew of someone that needed a personalized Pet Guardian Angel painting in their lives, so they too could be comforted or healed or celebrate their beloved companions.

Annie's and my work and love continues together , forever and always........

© Sharae Taylor - Text and images
Available for Reprint


website: Annie's Webpage